The Lost City of Iximaya

Today, I have a different type of lost city to talk about, the lost city of Iximaya!  This legendary city is said to have been home to a vibrant Maya population that was never conquered by the Spanish.  Deep in the jungles of the Yucatan peninsula, these Maya natives continued their lives, unchanged by the … Continue reading The Lost City of Iximaya


The Secret Identity of Hawkman

Every good super hero needs a secret identity!  Superman can explain his presence at major events as reporter Clark Kent, Wonder Woman can avoid attention passing as mild mannered Diana Prince, and of course Batman can explain away virtually anything as millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne.  The function of a secret identity is not only to … Continue reading The Secret Identity of Hawkman

So you want to be a hero?

Pop culture today is heavily influenced by gaming.  Increasingly that term refers specifically to video games, but for some of us it still holds broader connotations of board games and ultimately table top role playing games.  Regardless of your preferred gaming medium, it turns out that archaeology is a frequent and popular theme throughout the … Continue reading So you want to be a hero?