Public Archaeology Twitter Conference, 2017

The first (annual?) Public Archaeology Twitter Conference is coming up on Friday, April 28th, and yours truly will be there Tweeting about the Lore of Lost Cities!

The conference has been organized by Lorna Richardson (@lornarichardson) and will feature Professor Shawn Graham (@electricarchaeo) and Dr. Colleen Morgan (@clmorgan) as key note “speakers.”  More than 50 scholars from around the world are on board to present their research, so keep your eyes pealed on Twitter next week!

My own tweets will focus on Lost Cities!  Check out the abstract below, and hope to see you all at #PATC.


The Lore of Lost Cities by David S. Anderson

From the legends of El Dorado to contemporary claims that a lost city has been found in Honduras, archaeology is perpetually dogged by claims of lost cities.  This Twitter presentation will explore the roots of these legends as well as examine the contemporary media’s obsession with lost city tropes.  This exploration will lead us to question how we know the difference between fact and fiction, and more importantly what the difference is between archaeology and pseudoarchaeology.  As the internet and social media have boomed, so have pseudoarchaeological claims.  Archaeologists need to work publicly to not only debunk such claims, but also to understand their allure and attraction.  It is one thing to debunk the story of El Dorado or Atlantis, but another to capture the enthusiasm that such stories generate and turn that enthusiasm to heritage preservation.  A Twitter conference is an excellent venue to combine these notions!  This presentation will engage both the romance of lost cities and the serious research that is archaeology.


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